Long Life Africa (LLA) is a multidisciplinary charity medical team whose ultimate goal is  to provide preventive and community base health care to the people of Ghana and Africa at large.. our topmost priority is to provide Hepatitis-B awareness,screening and vaccination campaign in communities,schools,churches  and other institutions in Ghana and beyond.

The biggest hindrance to our free school mass vaccination project is funding. Be part of this move, don't look on. Be patriotic and support now.


Staggering statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO)  revealed that two (2)billion people are HBV positive while 2.5million  people die each year worldwide, due to acute or chronic Hepatitis-B .This year, research revealed that viral hepatitis is the eighth leading cause of death worldwide.

A silent, ignored disease, killing as
many people as HIV/AIDS every single year.The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria unaccountably excludes hepatitis, even though it has a mortality rate higher than that of TB or malaria.


Hepatitis B, is far higher than the prevalence of HIV, but awareness is inexplicably very low and the majority of those affected are unaware.
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 Hepatitis-B Gargantuan Danger | Feature Article 2013-02-02

LLA in Pantang Junior High

Pantang village J.H.S,

world Hep-B Day @ Sunyani
World Hep-B Day Is Here Again

28th July, 2014 under the theme; Hepatitis;Think Again. LLA in collaboration with World Hepatitis Alliance,Ghana Health Service and various District and Municipal Assemblies would be marking the day in five district capitals in the Volta region of Ghana. SUPPORT NOW.
LLA Hepatitis-B medical team visit Dabala senior high school. In our school campaign we educate, screen, and vaccinate both student and teachers against the disease.
We hold the key to controlling chronic Hepatitis-B in Ghana and beyond. 
Our campaign against Hepatitis-B in the senior high schools in the Volta region.
Our youth are in trouble. Hepatitis-B is very endemic in Ghana. Is actually wasting the human resource base of this nation. Our leaders seems not to care. till now no policy on hepatitis, no treatment guideline to handle reactive cases.those who are positive are left to die silently.It is mostly prevalent among the poor and the rural folks.

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the hepatitis-B situation in Krachi senior high school is very devastating. 15 out of every 100 students are hepatitis-B positive. out of 1581 students that were screened 239( representing 15%) are hepatitis-B positive..A prevalent rate of 15% in this school alone is worrying because it far exceeds WHO"s prevalent rate of 12%. This situation is not peculiar to Krachi SHS alone but is also the same in the three Northern regions of Ghana.Most of these students are on hardship and northern scholarship so their parents are not able to afford the cost of treatment. They are appealing for your support. Is sad to look on while these young ones perish.

Educating parents and teachers in P.T.A meeting

Together we can go far. Join our gargantuan   campaign . About 70% of students in Ghana have no knowledge on Hepatitis-b. How can you  help. Don't look on, be concerned.
LLA's Gagantuan Danger Campaign hit the senior high schools in the Volta region of Ghana. This is down in collaboration with the Volta regional health directorate. Schools visited so far include;

Amazing Love Senior High School

Educating students and teachers on hepatitis-B

Adidome Senior High School

Atokor Vocational Institute

Laboratory Technologist Screening students against hepatitis-B

As we journey to Krachi senior high school. The roads are very deplorable. It takes the medical team 12hrs to reach Krachi. Krachi is a peninsula which is cut off by River Oti on hand and river Volta on the other side. It takes an old ferry to cross us over River Oti to Krachi. The people in this community are mostly fishermen and farmers. It is amazing Hepatitis-B is very prevalent in this area.For a fact the live of the youth are in danger. one out of every five students in Krachi senior high school are hepatitis-B positive. Please support our efforts to help the youth in this community. 

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